Belgium Top quality food grade silo panels by SCE

On 14 January of this year, the first silo parts passed through SCE’s brand-new powder coating facility: 204 smooth walls for a customer in Morocco. SCE has built the new facility in a room next to the welding and assembly workshop.

Now that it has its own powder coating facility, SCE has even more control over the quality of the parts produced, further increasing its silos’ sustainability. To ensure a better coating adherence, the parts in the coating line are first degreased and then undergo an iron phosphate treatment. The coating line can handle larger parts up to 6 metres wide, up to a maximum weight of 600 kilograms. The new facility’s automatic colour-switch feature means that customers now also have a free choice of silo colour.

Having this facility in-house gives SCE even more control over the production process, ensuring that customers are served more quickly and efficiently.

Our new powder coated silo panels are all food grade and ready for shipment all over the world.