Kenya State-of-the-art animal feed factory offers sustainable solution for local farmers

The American agribusiness and food giant Land O’Lakes, together with Bidco Africa, has invested 12 million dollars in an ultramodern animal feed factory in Kenya. The quality feed produced is enabling local farmers to optimise their meat and dairy products. At the request of Land O’Lakes, SCE designed and produced four perfectly integrated, ultra-hygienic silo blocks. Our customer was extremely satisfied and full of praise for the end result and our proactive approach.

High-quality feed = high-quality meat and dairy products

Land O’Lakes isn’t the only one to be satisfied. The new factory is also a source of support to East African farmers, because high-quality feed is exactly what they need to commercialise their meat and dairy products. With the right feed, for example, farmers can produce more and better milk and eggs. The cattle feed factory also employs 100 people, so we are proud of the vital contribution that SCE made to this sustainable project.

An innovative and ambitious project

To be able to produce high-quality animal feed efficiently, all the partners have made as much use of technology as possible. The factory is fully automated and has a production capacity of 28 tons per hour. New technology tests every batch of ingredients for quality, the goal being to obtain the right mix of nutrients and exclude harmful substances.


Complementary team key to success

Key to the success of this project were three specialists that joined forces. Food company Bidco Africa has knowledge of the local African market, while Land O’Lakes has experience in making quality cattle feed. The multinational was impressed by our modular silo solutions and our experience in building hygienic storage in Africa. It therefore brought in SCE to construct four perfectly integrated silo blocks representing a total of 30 cells with a volume of 1.118 m³. Our engineers designed the silo building in consultation with the plant’s construction engineers. They equipped the silos with our patented butterfly hoppers, which ensures a perfect outflow. Our production team then set to work on the basis of the final construction plan.

With compliments from the customer

Our project manager Gilles Pannecoucke coordinated the construction. Jesse Greene, Operation Lead at Land O’Lakes, thanked Gilles for all his hard work and support: ‘We faced a lot of challenges, but Gilles did a fantastic job. He worked hard, took a hands-on approach and was extremely involved throughout the project, even before the installation began.’ Our supervisor monitored the construction work on site. He too received high praise: ‘Mitja did a fantastic job. He was good at dealing with different cultures and was a natural leader,’ says Jesse Greene. At the end of the process, Land O’Lakes is a happy customer. Jesse Greene: ‘SCE took a proactive approach and made sure that the project they delivered met our expectations.’