Morocco SCE builds its largest ever mineral silos in Morocco

Moroccan animal feed manufacturer Alf Sahel has found the perfect solution at SCE for expanding the storage capacity at one of Africa’s largest animal feed factories. SCE has built its largest ever mineral silos there. Four new silos have been integrated into an existing building between concrete beams, and ten extra silos have been put up next to the current factory.

Smooth proces

The contract for the collaboration with Alf Sahel was signed at the end of last year during a trade mission led by Princess Astrid. In just eight weeks, fourteen new silos for the storage of animal feed were installed in Had Soualem, thirty kilometres south of Casablanca. The components of the square silos developed by SCE were assembled by a local team under SCE’s supervision. The mineral silos are equipped with butterfly hoppers to maximise product outflow. ‘The entire project was delivered exactly on time, and the quality exceeds our expectations,’ say representatives of Alf Sahel. ‘The whole process went very smoothly.’

More storage capacity

The key challenge in this project was to create as much storage capacity as possible in the limited available space. SCE’s construction methods made it possible to do so within the existing building. Four square silos were put up close as possible to the concrete beams of the existing building. SCE’s distinctive assembly system means that the silos can be built very flexibly, providing no less than 54 percent more capacity than conventional round silos on the same footprint.