Netherlands Unique silo for orchid substrate

The Netherlands: the flower country of choice. Thus, it is logical that there is a high demand for quality potting soil and growth substrates for professional growers. The growing focus on cutting edge technology in the cultivation of flowers brings new projects with it, of which a very revolutionary example was put into service on June 20th. Horticoop, a big name in this sector, opened the first orchid substrate factory in the world in Bleiswijk. And SCE built the unique silo.

Closed process for minimum contamination

For the production of the best bark substrate (tree bark), Horticoop decided to store all products in silos, whereas before they were just stored on dumping grounds. With an almost completely closed and automated production process, the chance of contamination from outside will be brought down to a minimum. Because of this, clients can always count on substrate of high quality.

A complete, custom-made construction

In order to deliver a superior silo to Horticoop, SCE and the client mapped out the features of the different products. Based on that, a custom-made construction was designed. The silo system was made up of a combination of smooth walls and sheet pile walls. SCE also built the main supporting structure, the funnels, the cell covering, the roof structure and the staircase, as well as the steel structure of the main building and the emergency stairs.

Good drainage from and wear resistance of the funnels are of prime importance for proper functioning. That is why SCE delivered very thick funnels that were also made as smooth as possible. And all of that was done perfectly on time and within the budget.