Great Britain Advanced ingredients storage for pet food specialist

We could only achieve our goals by working with specialists to build a world class pet food plant

SCE contributes to world-class feed plant for pet food producer

GA Pet Food Partners is a pet food manufacturer based in Lancashire (UK), specializing in unique nutrition brands for more than 20 years. To comply with quality standards, GA must track and record the source of its ingredients as well as keep them separate during the production process. They relied on SCE to design and build the square bins in an ambitious project.

Strict production process

GA’s production process consists of batching and milling. Ingredients from bulk and lorries are brought to quarantine bins, where they are severely inspected and tested on. After that, they are assembled into a batch according to a fixed recipe and ground to powder, ready for feeding into the extrusion system.

World-class animal feed plant

GA worked with expert partners to design the feed plant. They relied on SCE’s proven expertise to design and manufacture the advanced equipment for its production process. Thanks to the collaborative process with the other partners and a great deal of confidence from GA’s owner, SCE managed to come up with the best solution for the customer according to the agreed budget and planning.

Tracing and hygiene

The SCE bins fully comply to GA’s high standards for food safety, hygiene and traceability. Apart from the strict production process, GA is dedicated to the environment and honoured their commitment to the local community. They have planted some thousand trees around the feed plant and created wetland areas in the surroundings.