Kenya Future-proof tempering and flour silos for grain miller

We are very satisfied with the supplied silos and happy with the relationship we have had with the SCE team.

New tempering and flour silos ready for future expansion

Due to a rising demand for wheat products in Kenya, grain miller Bakex Millers Limited installed a new wheat mill. It increases the production capacity from 300 to 550 tons per day. “The latest technologies enable us to produce more economically and efficiently, and to satisfy the demands from our current and new customers. In this way, Bakex strengthens its position in the market,” says Managing Director Mr. Shah.


Perfect storage solution for grain miller

The challenge was to integrate the new production facility within the existing floorplan. SCE offered the perfect storage solution for Bakex’ new mill building. We supplied 16 wheat tempering bins. With our square bins, we managed to optimize the use of space in the finished flour storage and the existing warehouse. By working closely with the machine supplier, we even succeeded in reducing the building height by 5 meters. In this way, there’s a maximum storage capacity in a limited space.

Ready for further expansions

The customer chose to work with SCE due to our excellent reputation in the field of quality and technology in the food industry as well as many references on the African continent. The Shah family wanted their new plant to be 100% future-proof. We already installed 8 extra tempering bins to allow further expansion in the flour mill building. It was the first time we installed our patented new hoppers in Kenya, which ensures a perfect outflow of flour in square bins. The installation took 10 weeks, to the customer’s great satisfaction.