USA New production facility for leading US pet food brand

Blue Buffalo is not one of many. The company’s philosophy is reflected in their credo ‘Love them like family. Feed them like family’. Their goal is to create the healthiest possible animal food. To this extent they wanted to build a new production facility in Richmond, Indiana, with nothing but leaders in the process industry.

Setting the new standard for square bins

After the first meeting, the customer was convinced that SCE was the bin supplier who could fulfil their wish list. Not only because of innovative bin technology, but also SCE bins allow for flexibility and the highest possible hygiene standards. The customer is convinced that SCE will gradually set the standard for square bins in North America.

Square bins for pet food USA

Smooth teamwork with other contractors

SCE engineered and delivered two silo blocks with smooth walls and butterfly hoppers. This guarantees a good flow of the product and avoids left-overs in the bins. As such, two key criteria were met: no contamination and full traceability. The installation of the two major bin blocks was carried out indoors. In this way, not a single day was lost because of the harsh weather conditions in Indiana. As a result, the other contractors could do their job properly and the installation was finished in due time.

two silo blocks for pet food USA