Luxembourg More seed storage on a limited area

For the cooperative Luxemburger Saatbau-Genossenschaft (LSG), SCE completed the construction of a silo installation with a total storage capacity of 5,940 cubic metres at the beginning of this year. LSG had to build a new facility because its existing site in the centre of Mersch could no longer remain in operation.

LSG produces seeds and began the search for a specialised partner for the construction of its new installation. SCE had already constructed seed storage infrastructure for various customers and has built up a solid reputation for this particular application. The high-quality interior finish of SCE’s silos ensures that nothing is left behind during emptying – crucial for seed silos.

Only 3.5 months construction time

The automated installation is a huge leap forwards for LSG, where the seeds were previously stored in mainly wooden crates. The facility took little more than three and a half months to build, and SCE in fact completed the work three weeks earlier than anticipated.

A huge leap forward

LSG’s new silo is one of the tallest ever built by SCE (27.5 metres straight wall height), enabling considerable storage capacity to be fitted into a limited area.