Switzerland Landi Bern-West expands compound feed factory with SCE

The renowned producer of animal feed Landi Bern-West came to us to expand their compound feed factory in Rosshäuser in conformity with the current needs and legislation. After completion of the project, the cooperative with 442 members state that they are extremely pleased with the result. The drawn up plan was executed perfectly without additional costs or modifications.
The firm ISB made the tender and executed the projectmanagement.

Robust project with fifteen silos

We supplied Landi Bern-West with fifteen silos in total. Twelve silos will be used for finished products and three for raw materials.

Complete responsibility

Apart from that, we were also responsible for numerous other parts of the expansion. A machine tower was built to increase the production capacity. The steel substructure and the roof construction were also part of the project. Finally, we installed the necessary staircases, mounting hatches, railings, etcetera.

Quality guaranteed from start to finish

At Landi Bern-West, it is possible for the client to determine the structure of the feed mixtures. This makes quality production equipment crucially important.

our quality guarantee

We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with SCE. They offered us perfect quality for a good price!