Myanmar Integrated flour mill, ready for the future

Our international customer had a clear objective in mind for the construction of a new flour mill in the industrial area of Thilawa in Myanmar. The Asian market leader in the agro-industry wanted to bring a futureproof integrated flour mill of the highest quality into use, a facility that would meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene and sustainability.

Trust in our dedicated engineers

It turned to SCE’s dedicated engineers and decades-old expertise to carry out the project. A high-end steel construction was built on a limited footprint, incorporating a total of 34 square SCE silos which represented a total storage capacity of 8,400 cubic metres. The swift assembly of the parts that had been produced in the Lichtervelde workshop – something for which SCE is well-known – ensured that the assignment was completed within the agreed timeframe, despite the bad weather.

Reducing energy costs

In terms of sustainability, the new flour mill scores very highly: not only were there considerable energy savings during the construction process, but economies will continue to be made once the facility is brought into use. The silos are also equipped with our exclusive butterfly hoppers, which will ensure an optimal outflow of grain and flour.