Thailand Hygienic storage silos for high grade rice products

In order to meet the constantly growing demand for high-quality rice, the multinational Siam Grains chose to work with SCE for the development of a new transfer facility in Samut Prakarn, about 30 kilometres from the Thai capital Bangkok. Siam Grains exports to 80 cities in 40 different countries worldwide. The company has no fewer than 100 different rice brands in its portfolio and supplies high-quality products in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

Hygienic storage silos

In order to meet the highest standards in food security, Siam Grains deliberately opted for SCE, which has a global reputation for the construction of hygienic silos.

6700 m³ extra capacity

SCE set to work with the customer, designing and developing a new facility with 12 brand-new silos for the storage of jasmine rice. Together, these represent an extra storage capacity of 6700 cubic metres.