Philippines The very first SCE design for the Philippines

Flour silos for almost 4.000 tons

General Milling Corporation (Cebu, Philippines) acquired 5.838 m³ new flour storage capacity within the agreed construction time. The construction is divided in 24 different storage cells. The silos can hold a total of 3.800 tons and are able to withstand gusts of up to 250 km/h, as well as other tropical weather conditions.

Compact and absolutely hygienic

The limited building space was an additional challenge. However, this did not keep the installation from being fully compliant in terms of all hygiene requirements. This made our very first project in the Philippines a true success in all aspects.

Focus on specific weather conditions

SCE had to consider special parameters for this construction. The flour in the silos is obviously protected against condensation, pests and humidity, but the special tropical weather conditions were also a decisive factor.