Denmark SCE builds most efficient feed mill in Denmark

Imagine the following situation: you are a producer of animal feed in northern Germany who sells to Danish customers out of Germany. Problem? You will not only be confronted with the distance from Germany, but Denmark also allows a higher tonnage. The solution? Let SCE build a silo complex in Denmark. The client cannot only load his trucks faster, but he also has access to a very highly performing production system.

New complex in harbour Aarhus

The completely new construction consists of a total of 100 silos. Specifically, there are 28 silos for raw materials, 6 silos for granulated feed meal and 66 silos for finished products. SCE was in charge of both engineering and producing the silo walls.

Dual approach reduces transport costs

The SCE silos with a smooth wall in a plug-in system and the construction of the high performing loading station are the solution to the problem. The loading station also allows larger trucks to be loaded even faster.