Ecuador Compact silos for biomass power plant in Ecuador

For the construction of a biomass power plant in Ecuador, the West Flemish company Vyncke worked with SCE to construct four high-quality storage silos. The green energy company was determined to work with a partner that already had experience with the specific product to be stored. 

Excellent references

The silos are used to store palm kernel shells (PKSs) which fuel a biomass plant. SCE had previously devised solutions for the same product for customers in Ghana and Nigeria. The new facility provides the buffer capacity of around 640 cubic metres that is needed to ensure the continuous operation of the biomass power plant.

Limited footprint

An additional challenge was the footprint. The storage facility needed to occupy the smallest area possible, given the limited space. SCE’s square silos with their diminutive footprint were the ideal solution. In addition, this part of Ecuador is earthquake-prone and located close to the Pacific Ocean. The wind and seismic loads were included in the static calculations. The entire silo and support structure was hot-dip galvanised.