Germany Increased coffee roasting capacity for supermarket chain

I would like to take the opportunity to inform you that we have been operating the new silo for half a year now and that we are very satisfied. Numerous special features repeatedly show the quality of the silo. I can say that the decision to award the project to SCE was the right one.

SCE delivers advanced roasting facility within strict time schedule

Discount supermarket chain Aldi-Süd wanted to increase its coffee roasting capacity in Ketsch, Southern Germany. The company appointed SCE for designing, engineering, producing and installing a steel support construction and high-quality bins for containing green coffee beans.

Trust in reliable partner

Aldi-Süd chose to work with SCE for this project because they heard many good references. Moreover, the ‘colleagues’ of Aldi-Nord had been using SCE bins for many years to their great satisfaction. SCE installed 40 square bins for Aldi-Süd, each containing about 28 tons of coffee beans.

Fast installation in due time

One of Aldi-Süd’s requirements was that the roasting facility would be operative in the shortest possible time after the approval of the building permit. A smooth assembly on-site was done by our own installation team. They finished the project within the strict deadline of three months. This allowed the other contractors to complete their job as planned too.