China Process silos for Chinese pet food factory

SCE can boast about an impressive global portfolio, which silos for animal feed are also a part of. A fast growing Asian producer of dry dog and cat food asked SCE to build the process silos for his new factory in Shanghai. This new production facility ensures a good supply to the Chinese and Japanese markets. This way, SCE proves that their specific silo system is not only competitive in China, but is also valued by end users for its detailed engineering, quick installation and good quality.

Perfectly on time, perfectly installed

The client ordered as many as 81 silos for raw materials and 40 silos for finished products. SCE was responsible for engineering, manufacturing, loading everything in containers and installing the silos on site.

50 different, custom-made hoppers

As always, SCE boasted technical feats. Some examples? For the 81 silos for raw materials, 50 (!) different types of hoppers were designed. The silo cover was equipped with a raised edge, elevated manholes and connections for filters and a detector that signals when the silo is full.

An eye for hygiene from a to z

During every step, we follow the most stringent norms for quality and hygiene. Because of that, the silo cover was poured in 200 mm of concrete for a hygienic finish.

Our quality guarantee