Indonesia SCE builds silo complexes for Cargill's cocoa

When you think of cocoa, you think of the Tropics. Cocoa beans are grown roughly between 23.5 degrees north and 23.5 degrees south, and it is one of the most important crops in this part of the world. With silo systems in Ghana, the Ivory Coast and now also in Indonesia, SCE is prominently present in the cocoa sector. The focus in Surabaya is the storage of cocoa beans as well as the storage of broken cocoa shells.

Design and production within stated time period

SCE designed and produced a system of three cells for the storage of cocoa beans in Surabaya for Cargill, an international agro-industrial company. A second system of two cells for the shells of the cocoa beans was added as well.

Technical feats

It goes without saying that SCE also pulled out all the stops for these silos. The silos are made of a galvanized steel construction with galvanized sheet pile wall silos. They are covered by a watertight galvanized silo cover with a crane arm and are accessible via a cage ladder. It should be clear that SCE takes care of your cocoa.