Netherlands A new bulk station for compound feed in the Netherlands

The Dutch company Mengvoeders Theeuwes, a family business which supplies compound feed, was looking for an experienced partner for the expansion and optimisation of its plant, and therefore decided to work with SCE. 

Waiting times to a minimum

SCE’s silos provide 1150 cubic metres of extra storage capacity: 53 smooth-wall bulk silos and 20 stand-by bunkers were installed. From these, the product flows into a mobile weigher with integrated screening machine and grit weigher to the contrasets. The new bulk station on the site in Ulicoten keeps waiting times for trucks to a minimum – for example enabling two full trucks to be prepared in advance.

Perfect outflow

For optimised transfer from the silos to the processing machinery, SCE’s butterfly hoppers were chosen. Use of the same angle of inclination ensures that the product flows smoothly out of the hopper. SCE engineers designed and developed the butterfly hopper. The company has a patent on this innovative application and has since installed it on numerous customers’ sites in various industries.