Square silos: physical design that’s fit for purpose

SCE designs, produces and delivers adaptable square building components with the needs of clients in mind. With these dynamic square parts, you can easily integrate our square silos in any production unit. Tailor-made in function of your building, you choose the components you want and we will create customised pieces of your silo building. And you can always expand your silo depending on your evolving needs.            

square silos

Why square silos?

Space is optimised

Space is scarce; that’s why SCE is the smart choice when constructing your silo. In fact, our square silos take up less space than round silos so you can store 27% more. How? Our innovative rectangular design can be placed close together if they are place next to each other as multiple compartments. Simply put, you don’t lose any products and there are not unreachable spaces to clean.

square silos concept

Easy to assemble

Customised to suit your storage demands, our cutting-edge components can be integrated perfectly into a building. Your silo building will be installed quickly by our people or yours under supervision so you have all the support and know-how you need.

square silos easy to assemble

Easy to transport

Thanks to the physical design of our square-shaped, flat-packed silos, we can transport our silos in ordinary lorries or shipping containers. All components are stacked in the most efficient manner meaning space is optimised during transport. What's more, since it's stacked logically, set up is quick.

square silos easy to transport

Strong and clean

Keeping the stored contents in a good state is of primary concern. That’s why our square silos are durable, self-cleaning and powder-coated. This prevents condensation, mould and decay and maintains strict hygiene standards.

square silos are durable, self-cleaning and powder-coated

Square silos in practice