Modular silo buildings

The SCE silo buildings are first manufactured at the plant and then brought to the construction yard to be joined with other components.
We design, produce and deliver modular building components that can be joined quickly.

This leads to savings on costs due to the short construction process.
You pick the components you wish and SCE will complete a great project together with all other construction partners.



1. Steel construction

Steel constructions and SCE silos go well together. Different loads that affect the building and silos must be led to the foundation along the steel floors, beams, columns and wind braces. SCE will provide static calculations that are proof of a safe construction that is designed according to the standards.

When applying for your silo project, it is important to also look at the size of the foundations.

If desired, we can provide an indication of the foundation requirements so your local civil engineer can provide you with the scope of the required civil engineering works.


2. Hoppers

Hoppers are crucial part of a mass flow silo and thus designed with the greatest care for your product. We will ensure a perfect transfer from the silo to the machine process. Every product requires its own type of hopper, which are always completely tailor-made.

3. Square Silos

The smooth wall silo guarantees the flow of product and is also well-suited for products that do not flow smoothly. Moisture problems are not given a chance due to the good insulation values of the double-walled silo element. As a standard, the conservation is provided by a powder coating.

The sheet pile or profile wall is created for properly flowing products. This wall system only has one wall plate and, as such, is lighter than the smooth wall. These walls can also be galvanised.

Both types of construction lead to the best silos in the industry thanks to a unique and efficient assembly system.

SCE designs modular process silos that take up less space than round silos and allow you to store 27% more. Thanks to the specific design, you can assemble our square silos in any production unit.


4. Machine housing

Floors for a machine system, stairs, hoisting winches, etc. can be placed against or between our silos without problems.  The loads will be led down along the silo columns, which saves in steel construction weight.


5. Silo cover

Covering silos must be done hygienically and dust-free. Reinforced steel plates provide a robust and safe floor on top of the silo cells. Everything is ready to connect your machines according to your specifications. A concrete cell deck floor is also a possibility.


6. Roof construction

Machines are placed on top of the silos to fill them.  In order to operate them as safely and easily as possible, a roof construction is made. This dry area guarantees the longest possible lifespan of your system.


7. Building finish

Insulation or no insulation, your building is finished according the current standards and with the greatest care. Doors, windows, fire escapes, roof hatches, etc. are all designed meticulously resulting in a perfect housing for your valuable plant.