Tailor-made in function of your building

Based on our engineers' design, our certified production team will provide tailor-made assembly pieces of your silo building. The construction technique we use to slide the silo walls into each other is the fastest in the industry.

All over the world, engineers prefer the SCE silo system that fits nicely in each other like 'Lego'.

Up-to-date machine pool

Bending tables, laser cutting machines, welding robots, etc. our production team works using state-of-the-art machines. We have been delivering consistently high quality for over two decades.

No lost space

Thanks to the rectangular design, SCE silos can be placed close together if they are placed next to each other as compartments. This way, no product of yours is lost and there are no unreachable spaces to clean !

Powder coating for a better result

For most stored products and for the purpose of durability and hygiene, all our silos are powder-coated. Powder coating does not flake and makes our silo walls more firm and smooth. The entire coating process - pre-treatment, administering high-voltage current, baking - is performed by experts. This way, we remain in full control of the end result.