A planned step-by-step process

The first step in achieving a solid, hygienic silo building is taken on the drawing board of our engineers. Despite their extensive experience, they start every project with a fresh pair of eyes. Moreover, they remain involved in the entire project. This allows us to provide the same high-quality products every time.

The work in advance

After you contact SCE, our engineers will get to work immediately. After a thorough investigation, they will draw up a concept proposal for you.

Set to work

After agreeing to the concept, our team will set to work on the construction plan. From foundation anchoring to upholstery; every detail is planned. Our engineers take wind, building, silo and earthquake loads into account in their design. Finally, an SHE plan is also drawn up.

Gaining time at the site

If your machine manufacturer or other construction partner has a technical question, they can contact our engineers directly. After all, to us, the end result is all that matters: good integration of your machine in a functional silo building. Experience teaches us that projects will thus be completed 20% faster and failure costs at the job site are ruled out.

As-built file on completion

Sometimes, we have to adjust our original design during the construction of a silo building. That is why you will receive an as-built file to fall back on later upon completion of your project.