“We have plans for the future, and I can tell you for sure: SCE will be involved”

To supply feed for salmon in the region, MOWI - an internationally renowned salmon farm operator and processor - built a new factory on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. “A big challenge, but the dedicated team of SCE helped us to realize it,” says Mick Watts of MOWI.


In the small village of Kyleakin in Scotland, SCE completed one of the most prestigious projects in its 30-year history: a state-of-the-art salmon feed factory. SCE installed the most innovative silos on the market and built most of the site. “The construction of this plant was a very specific job,” says Mick Watts of MOWI (formerly known as Marine Harvest). “SCE is known in the industry as a company capable of realizing projects of this size and complexity. We were in contact with four different supply companies as a partner for this aspect of the project. We checked references of all four of them, and also visited their factories.”

“When I was in Lichtervelde visiting SCE, I was really impressed. Impressed by their innovation skills and the quality of their products, but also about the people who work at SCE. I immediately had a good feeling. We got in contact with a dedicated team and impressive resources. From day 1 we worked with Tom acting as project manager, Koen as sales manager and Steve as site supervisor.  This team never changed. When you work on a project of this size, you often work with partners that send you different people all the time. You lose time because you need to inform them over and over again. That never happened with SCE. Koen, Tom and Steve were with us from the beginning until the final day.”



“At SCE they know very well what they are good at, and what they are not good at. They don’t improvise. They don’t offer a very wide range of different products, they stick to what they are good at. They provide this with big quality as well. We needed such a reliable partner for the complex mission we had here. This was a brown field site, so we built everything from scratch. We started with the 40-metre-high intake tower, but had to interface with the bins and the machinery while building it.”

“Steve, the site supervisor of SCE, was always very clear and honest. We got all the important information on time. When there was a problem, we moved around it together. I was impressed by their site organization and the discipline of the team. In total 15 different companies were active on the site, 50 electricians, 20 programmers… Communication is crucial for a project like this and was handled fantastically by SCE. Every morning we had a meeting: we talked about the past 24 hours and the next five days. Steve acted as a brilliant team player, always focused on the job, always ready to solve problems, always in control of safety and also just fun to work with. When you work on a plant in the weather conditions that we had to work in, you need people who keep up the morale in the team. I can assure you, this weather doesn’t make people happy.”



“The biggest challenge was definitely the weather. We completed the construction in 18 months, which is pretty fast, but in any other place in the world we would have built it even faster. Every day we had to consider the weather forecast. Over here in the north-west of Scotland, almost every day is a rainy and windy day. We worked with five cranes. When it was impossible to use the cranes, we worked round it as much as possible.”

“Steve and Koen and everybody at SCE were always solution-minded in their work. They would never say, ‘I don’t know’. They looked into it and the day after they came up with a solution.”

“We have plans for the future, and I can tell you for sure: SCE will be involved. It’s a customer-oriented, attentive company that delivers quality. What they say they are going to deliver, they deliver. And when they deliver, it's of a high quality.”