Hygienic process storage for the food industry

Valuable products deserve storage that meets the strictest requirements. That is why SCE focuses strongly on hygiene from design to assembly. By cooperating with the largest producers in the world, we also collect an increasing amount of know-how on hygiene requirements in the food industry. We then employ this knowledge for later projects so that you, as a client, are guaranteed of receiving the best possible product.

We work mainly for the following industries: coffee - nuts - cocoa - flour

Powder coating for more hygiene

All our silos receive a powder coating to prevent lacquer flakes from entering your product. The advantage of a powder coating is that it is very scratch and wear resistant and has a high impact resistance. Unlike painting no solvents are released in this process, which benefits the environment. After the assembly pieces have been pre-treated, they are immediately baked in an oven to a temperature of 200° C. Thanks to its high chemical resistance, this coating has a diverse range of uses.

Project in the spotlight : flour silos for suprama

Convinced by our quality labels, noodle producer Suprama ordered a total of 7 flour silos and 1 starch silo for their plant in Sidoarjo, Indonesia in February 2013. The eight cells for this block were already shipped and assembled on-site under the guidance of our supervisor.