We deliver around the world

Our clients call on us from the whole of Europe, Africa, Asia, North, Central and South America. Nevertheless, we always have short delivery times thanks to extensive project management. Thanks to the design of our silos, we can transport all assembly components in ordinary lorries or shipping containers. Everything is stacked in a logical order so the assembly team can set to work quickly on-site and with a minimum of welding!

This means your silo building will be installed quickly by our people or your own under the supervision of an SCE assembly leader.

Efficient in transport

Our silos can be transported very easily by lorry or shipping container. Due to the fact that all components are stacked for transport, all space is used.

Always on time

Our word is our bond, which is why it is very rare that our projects exceed the pre-set deadline. Thanks to extensive project planning and good interaction with our clients, we always succeed in avoiding delays.